A HIPSTER’S GUIDE TO REYKJAVIK: Keep calm & collect vinyl

As I start this post I have to say I get so annoyed with the “Keep Calm and Carry on” slogan. Over the past few years, it’s been used and abused, shoved down our throats everywhere we look. At the same time, I am quite embarrassed with myself, I couldn’t think of a strong enough title to show the obsession EVERYONE has with vinyl. Recent articles I have read, show that vinyl sales have increased from year to year, and are making a huge comeback. I mean, I can also admit, I- myself am quite obsessed with vinyl. There is something special about vinyl; the smell of opening a new record, the visuals and art on each sleeve, the different colors. Dare I say more? Vinyl is a blessing! It also keeps me fit in the winter, having to stand up ever 15 minutes to turn the record over. Thank you vinyl, for helping me with my beach body. I really hope vinyl is back here to stay. In this blog post, I will give you places to buy fabulous Icelandic music, and of course in vinyl.
Located on Skólavörðustigur- good luck pronouncing that – in an old house built at the start of last century! This beautiful little shop lays at the base of the street leading to Reykjavik’s most iconic church. Upon first entry it looks like any other tourist shop. With plenty of post cards and other touristy merchandise. Don’t let this entrance fool you, there is plenty of music to be discovered. Relax down stairs sip a cup of their signature coffee blend- which is free I might add, and listen to whatever you would like. If there is an album cover you fancy, just ask they will gladly give you a listen. The relaxing, cozy Icelandic atmosphere is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon.
The next stop is to a little boutique located on Klapparstigur. This record store is the newest of the bunch. Don’t be fooled by its small size; this lovely place has plenty to offer. Unlike other record stores in the city, this one you only need 30 minutes in. Its perfect If you don’t have a day to waste digging through records. Showcasing artists from all around the world and of course all the local musical talent. I really liked this store for rare vinyl selection they have. If you are a Sígur Rós fan and you have an extra grand laying around then there is a wonderful limited edition, record waiting for you. Von Brigði was released in 1998 and with only 100 copies. This gem is a great addition for those vinyl enthusiasts. Make sure you pick up one of their tote bags on the way out. With such beautiful colors and a minimum design; Its quite nice to use in and around the city.
LUCKY records is right. If you spend long enough time here, you might be lucky to walk away with something really special. This music warehouse is the final stop on my list. Located on the eastern part of Reykjavik, just on the edge of downtown. This place is massive so much music, oh so much. There are movies, CD’s, cassette tapes, even a stage. If you are a musician in town wanting to play a gig they are certainly open to letting you play there. It closes at 1800 though so it would have to be an afternoon show.
This place is very special, graffiti paints the walls and band paraphernalia cover the ceilings. This record store has really establish quite an identity for itself. very connected to the music scene. In the windows and in the door hang posters shows and music festivals they promote. Probably the most connected locally to the music scene then any of the other record stores. Currently, they are sponsoring The Extreme Chill festival and will be hosting their opening party on July 6th. So if you are in town make sure to stop by for some nice tunes. If you come during airwaves Lucky records always has a nice off venue line up.

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