Lost and Found and the Red Cross

Lost and Found and the Red Cross

Hats, gloves, scarves, cell phones, umbrellas, wallets and much much more. So many items get left behind on our buses after a long day of exploring and travelling our beautiful country.


WHO does this effect? Everyone! It is of course a common habit most of our passengers have had happen to them once, if not twice.

WHAT happens to the items? When finished dropping off everyone in Reykjavik, our bus returns to be cleaned and refilled up for the next adventure. All left behind items are then brought to our Customer Service agents who will catalog and store the lost belongings. This will remain in our care until claimed or otherwise.

HOW can we claim our lost items? Our office is open from 07:00 to 22:00 every day. All items being claimed must be picked up in person to our address of Skogarhið 10, Reykjavik. Passengers can call our office at +354 211 2600 or email us at info@bustravel.is providing the following information:
*Booking reference number
*Detailed description of the lost item (photos are best)

If passengers who book multiple bookings and have lost an item, we do of course always arrange for the following tour will be the way to deliver the lost items.


WHERE do these items go if not claimed? Sometimes those lost items will stay in our possession up to a month. With a clear understanding that no previous passenger will contact us to claim these items we donate to our local Red Cross.

WHEN do these items get donated? Every month we will look through our unclaimed items and donate all to the local Red Cross. We do not donate items that contain any personal information or electronics.

WHY do we donate? Donating to the Red Cross is a wonderful cause to do for our local Icelanders. Items that remain unclaimed can then serve a purpose for those who may be less fortunate. There is a win win in donating to any local Red Cross center!

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