We scream for ice cream in Iceland!

We scream for ice cream in Iceland!

Icelanders are no different from anyone with a right mind to love the tasty frozen dessert. However, we eat these all year round. So when you come to Iceland, come rain, sun, snow or volcanoes. We know the best spots to find a tasty treat.  Here are our top 5 stops.



1. Valdís 

Located: Grandagarður, Reykjavik. A short 10 minute walk from the Old Harbor, Miðbakki. Take a stroll along the beautiful harbor and find your way to Valdís.

This ice cream treasure. They make fresh gelato and sorbet daily along with their amazing waffle and regular cones. They have so many different and amazing new flavors that show you a new side to ice scream.





     2.  Joylato  

Located:  Hagamelur. Reykjavik. A quick trip down the street from Laugavegur (main street downtown). After window shopping downtown and want a nice frozen desert. Joylato is the place to go.

Made to order you can see before your eyes how they make their ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Handing over the counter you delicious mixture and smoke pouring over the sides being that it is freshly frozen.



  3. Yoyo 

Located: 3 Egilsgata, Reykjavik and Kopavogur. This popular spot is the best place for all ages.

This unique frozen yogurt place allows you to have complete control over what goes into your yummy dessert. You start with a empty bowl or cone and then walk down the buffet line of tasty treats to add. Want extra sprinkles, you add that extra spoonful!





4. Ísbuð Huppu 

Located: Langholtsvegur 84-98, Reykjavík. On the further east side of Reykajvik. This wonderful place has 3 locations in Iceland.

This newly successful business has two types of base to choose from. Sveitaís, a real ice cream, and the Huppu ice cream, but it’s cool milk ice cream. In addition a great selection of cones and ways to serve your order in. They compact so much flavor in each mixture they serve.






    5. Ísbúð Vesturbæjar 

Locations: Each  Ísbúð can be found all over Iceland. A very popular chain for ice cream.

Even though this may be a popular chain, nothing but good ice cream come from here. The wide range selection of ice cream flavors, toppings and cold mix drinks as well.  The flavorful bases and toppings makes this trip to the ice cream shop nothing but delicious.






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